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Which cigar for special occasions?

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Cigars have a long held tradition of marking extraordinary occasions. From the newly married to the newly born, family reunions or sheer good fortune, sharing a cigar for an hour to two gives a moment to pause, reflect and appreciate with those you love. So which cigar should you choose to do these landmark events… View Article

How to Use a Cigar Cutter

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Whether you’re new to cigars or a well-seasoned expert, preparing a cigar is all part of the ritual. Most cigars come with a closed or capped end that needs to be removed before smoking, this ensures there is enough airflow for the smoke to travel through the cigar. To guarantee a great smoke you should… View Article

How to use a Cigar Humidor

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Setting up your humidor properly is very important.  Follow these guidelines to get the best out of your humidor. When your new humidor arrives don’t make the common error of stacking it full of cigars immediately. Without re-humidifying its wood there is a fair risk that your cigars will be ruined. The Spanish Cedar wood… View Article

How to Smoke a Cigar

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Not everyone knows how to smoke a cigar and, unless you’ve had a bit of practice and know what you’re doing, smoking one can be daunting. At first it can seem like a pretty straightforward task and it is easy to assume that it’s simply a case of lighting one end and using the other… View Article

How Do Cigar Humidors Work?

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Have you recently discovered cigars? Perhaps you’ve come across the phrase ‘humidor’ and are keen to learn more? Maybe you already know a humidor is used to store cigars but are keen to find out more information? If so, read on. A humidor can make an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one, and… View Article

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