Adorini Humidor Travel Humidor Cedro

Adorini Humidor Travel Humidor Cedro
Adorini premium travel humidor with scratch-resistant veneer from real Spanish cedar.
This humidor demonstrates that a functional travel humidor does not need to be of plastic.

Travel with style.

Two levels of innovative foam inlays prevent any movement of each cigar during transport.
Inside lining from Spanish cedar wood.
Foam inlays are removable, which makes this a truly dual purpose humidor.

At home you can remove the foam elements and enjoy the full capacity of the humidor .

On the go you can protect your cigars by using the foam

inlay with openings for different cigar formats.

Integrated humidifier with acryl polymer fleece
Gold plated button lock to prevent any unintentional opening on the go.
Dimensions (exterior): L:18.6cm B:26cm H:6.4cm
Dimensions (interior): L:14.6cm B:22cm H:3.6cm

Please allow 5-6 working days for delivery.

Adorini Humidor Travel Humidor Cedro

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