Hoyo de Monterrey Regalos Cigar Limited Edition 2007

Hoyo de Monterrey Regalos Cigar Limited Edition 2007

Details of Hoyo de Monterrey Regalos Cigars:

Flavour: Light
Length: 5 1/3″
Ring Gauge: 46

The Hoyo Regalos LE 2007 presents the ultimate in aged cigars. We only have a few boxes of these exceptional cigars available.

Limited Edition cigars are made from specially selected tobacco leaves that have been aged and cured  for a minimum of two years.

Every Year Habanos S.A in Cuba releases a number of exceptional cigars known as Ediciones Limitadas. or Limited Edition Cigars.
They are made in rare sizes,using dark coloured wrapper leaves and extra aged tobaccos.They must not replicate any of the sizes normally made within the designated brands. The production of each cigar takes place within a strictly limited period.From 2007 all the filler leaves including the binders are subjected to a an additional 2 years ageing process before the cigars are made. This gives a rounded ,mellow flavour to which the higher sugar content of the darker wrapper adds a hint of sweetness. Only Cuba’s finest rollers are allowed to construct these individual works of art.

When you buy a cigar from The Cigar Club you are buying into over 50 years of trading experience. Everything we dispatch is checked for quality. All our Havana cigars bear the EMS (English Market Selection) Stamp of excellence. This guarantees both provenance and quality.

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