Montecristo No. 2 Cigar – 1 Single in Varnished Slide Lid Box

Montecristo No. 2 Cigar - 1 Single in Varnished Slide Lid Box

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Approx. Length: 6 1/8″ (156mm)
Ring Gauge: 52

Packaging: 1 Single in Varnished Slide Lid Box

Truly a one off! This magnificent cigar is available for a limited time in a unique, individual cedar box.

The Montecristo No 2 is one of the most instantly recognisable cigars on the planet. Its distinctive Piramides design has been much copied but never surpassed. Only Cuba’s very finest and experienced rollers are allowed to roll a Montecristo No 2. One of Winston Churchill’s favourite cigars, this cigar has a rich and distinguished history. For those of you with slightly less time on your hands, the Montecristo Petit No 2 has recently been introduced to complement this magnificent cigar.

An iconic cigar from the House of Montecristo. Beautifully shaped with a unique flavour. Truly a cigar to savour!

Montecristo is probably the most instantly recognisable brand of Cuban cigars on the planet. It is the yardstick from which all other brands are measured. The name originates from ‘The Count of Montecristo’ by Alexander Dumas. This was the favourite book to be read be to the cigar rollers in the factory when it was founded in 1935. A Montecristo is created by the perfect mix of strength and flavour in the leaves that are selected from the world renowned Vuelta Abajo region. Its unique blend creates a medium to full flavoured experience that is ideal for the novice or aficionado alike.

When you buy a cigar from The Cigar Club you are buying into over 50 years of trading experience. Everything we dispatch is checked for quality. All our Havana cigars bear the EMS (English Market Selection) Stamp of excellence. This guarantees both provenance and quality.

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