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Finding a decent cigar supplier can be tricky. With so many fakes in circulation it can be difficult to determine whether or not a product is genuine. At The Cigar Club we have a passion for the industry and can appreciate quality services when we find them; therefore, we’ve decided to compile a list of our favourite cigar sites from the United States. It’s not just their products that we love, but their philosophies and passion, and whether we want information about a new and obscure brand; feel like reading reviews; or simply want to browse at what’s out there, these sites are always our first port-of-call.

Mom’s Cigars –

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Mom’s Cigars is an online store which has a wide selection of both premium and machine made cigars. They carry all of the major brands, – such as Cohiba, Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta – have some fantastic deals, and ensure that quality is always guaranteed. E-cigarettes, pipes, pipe tobacco, and other smoking-related accessories are also available, and their customer service is second to none.

BNB Tobacco –

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BNB Tobacco is an online retailer and distributor of a wide selection of premium cigars, machine made cigars, little cigars, pipe tobacco, premium pipe tobacco and other cigar and tobacco related accessories. We started in 2009 and since this time, BnB has experienced tremendous growth thanks to some of the best and most loyal customers in the business. It is our mission to keep you guys happy. Compared to those “other guys” selling cigars online, we are a relatively small business. As such, every order is important to us and we strive to provide excellent service each time.

Telford’s Pipe and Cigar Company –

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“Pipes should be carefully selected and cherished like old friends” – you don’t get classier than that. Telford’s Pipe and Cigar company is located in California and features one of the largest collections of cigars, pipes and natural cigarettes in the world. From smoking antiques to one-off collectables, they have everything a cigar enthusiast could dream of. What’s more, their staff has over 100 years of combined experience and the knowledge to outshine even the most educated smoker.

Empire Cigars –

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Empire Cigars is an upscale cigar club and smoking lounge which boasts the largest selection of premium cigars in South-East America. Empire Cigars even have their own exclusive luxury line – The Promise and LFD Cheroot – which are causing quite a stir in the industry. Empire Cigars has a highly social atmosphere and visitors are welcome to sit back and enjoy a complimentary coffee or even bring their own drinks. In addition, those who choose to order online have the luxury of free-shipping.

Cigar World –


Cigar World is family owned brick and mortar store, first established in 1998. One of their best recent media achievements came with them being featured as the number 1 cigar store in New Jersey by (see their article here). Based in Ramsey, the store features a great selection of cigars, pipes, hookahs and cigarettes, as well as a range of gifts that compliment a cigar perfectly. The price range is very impressive considering the high quality of the cigars on offer, from Liga Privada collections to Viaje.

Cigar Place –

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What’s great about Cigar Place is that they’re all about passion. They don’t have a desire to be the biggest suppliers in the business; they simply want to provide the best quality prices, products and packaging on the web. Their customer service is unbeatable and they’re always giving away promotional codes for both newcomers and loyal customers.  The best thing about them, however, is their Free Stuff Friday promotion and Meet your Maker Samplers.

Neptune Cigar –

fsdfdfds logo has been an online purveyor of cigars and accessories at low prices since 1999. The company offers a very large selection of the best brands available in the United States and a friendly, attentive customer service with same day shipping, easy returns, and the one of a kind Smoke Rings Reward program. Neptune Cigars Superstores are located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale with comfortable, elegant lounges for the cigar aficionado and the same low prices that they feature online.

Famous Smoke –

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Unlike the other clubs and stores on this list, Famous Smoke is more of an ‘outlet’. It’s without a doubt one of the most comprehensive cigar stores in the United States, and provides some of the best deals online. Famous Smoke has everything from budget beginner brands to authentic luxury Cubans. They even have a wide selection of e-cigarettes, humidors and other smoking-related accessories. The best thing about this site, however, is the coupon and closing deals section, which is a gold mine for offers.

Mike’s Cigar Room –

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Mike’s Cigar Room is located in Montgomery County, Texas and has been in business for more than 30 years. They are proud to feature the largest humidor in the county, along with some of the best prices in the state. Unlike other cigar bars there is never a fee to enjoy the spacious smoking lounge, and yearly lockers cost a mere $100. However, most impressively, they have held the title of, “Best Place to Buy a Cigar in the County” three years in a row by a poll featured in the local newspaper.

La Habana Hemmingway Cigar Bar –

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Winner of the “Best Cigar Bar in Louisiana” from, La Habana Hemmingway is more than just a place to light up, it also has one of the best selections of scotch in the New Orleans. Open seven days per week – until 11pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends – it’s the perfect place to enjoy a smoke after a hard days work. All of the major brands are stocked, along with a wide variety of wines, beers and spirits.


Cigar Obsession –

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There’s no better place to get cigar related news and information than Cigar Obsession. Run by Bryan Glynn out of nothing more than a pure love of the industry, it features everything from reviews and contests to artwork and lifestyle features. One of the best aspects of Cigar Obsession, however, is it’s objective community. The closed Facebook group contains over 600 members who are all cigar lovers themselves and on call to help anyone who has a question.

Uhle Tobacco Company –

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The Uhle Tobacco Company was founded by Johh H. Uhle in 1939 and was passed on to its current owner Mr. Jeffery A. Steinbock, in 1982. Since then Jeffery has been sure to keep Uhle’s tradition of providing a highly tailored service alive, which makes every customer feel more than welcome. The current 1,600 square foot location features a comfortable smoking lounge, humidified lockers and, of course, a very well stocked supply of cigars, pipes, tobaccos and other smoking-related products.

Vintage Wine and Cigars –

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This two story cigar lounge is the perfect place to light up and enjoy some stimulating conversation. Unlike other cigar bars in the area, Vintage Wine and Cigars has a phenomenal selection of imported alcoholic beverages, ensuring that each visit is just as fresh and stimulating as the last. With stunning arched ceilings, bespoke tile work and beautiful mahogany décor, it’s visually sensational. It’s hardly surprising that Vintage Wine and Cigars was named the second best cigar bar in the United States by Richard Crawford.

Lite Em Up Cigars –

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Family owned Lite Em Up Cigars is a small shop in New Jersey that’s been in the business for over 10 years. Just like their customers, their employees are all cigar enthusiasts and pride themselves on being able to help everyone from the novice to the seasoned smoker. They stock some of the rarest premium cigars on the market, along with a wide array of hookahs, tobacco, pipes and accessories.

Cigar smoking is all about savouring flavour and absorbing the aroma. One smokes not to subdue an addition, but to unwind and experience a pleasant sensation, and finding the right brand and smoking area is a big part of the process.