Can you relight a cigar?

Reviving a cigar’s smoulder requires finesse and patience. Discover the art of rekindling your cigar’s flavorful essence as we explore the delicate process of relighting, ensuring an experience that embodies the true essence of enjoyment and relaxation.

How to properly relight a cigar

Whether you’re interrupted or taking a break, understanding the process is essential for a satisfying smoke. However, it’s an art that takes some practice. From removing the ash to achieving an even burn, each step plays a crucial role in preserving the cigar’s character. The following points are essential in relighting a cigar properly:

1) Removing the ash from the cigar
2) Ensuring the cigar is burning correctly
3) Ensuring the cigar is long enough to relight
4) Taking a long draw once the cigar foot is cleaned

Let’s delve into the intricacies of relighting and unlock the secrets to a seamless and enjoyable smoking journey.

Remove the ash

One of the key steps to relighting a cigar correctly is to remove the ash by gently tapping on the stogy, preventing any bitterness. Next, trim the charred end before holding the cigar at a 45-degree angle and toasting the foot evenly. Proper ash removal allows for a smoother relighting process, enhancing the flavour and enjoyment of your smoke.

Ensure it is burning properly

Once the foot is evenly lit and glowing, take slow and deliberate puffs to reestablish an even burn. However, avoid rapid or forceful puffing, which can overheat the tobacco and distort the taste. You should also allow the cigar to rest between puffs, preventing excessive heat buildup.

If the cigar’s flavour becomes bitter or harsh, trim the burnt end slightly before relighting. Remember, patience is key; rushing can compromise the taste. By adhering to these steps, you can salvage your cigar-smoking experience and appreciate its nuanced flavours.

Don’t relight a cigar that is too short

While you can relight most cigars, avoid relighting one that has become too short. Once a cigar’s length diminishes significantly, relighting can lead to an uneven burn and alter its intended flavour. The remaining tobacco might also become excessively hot, resulting in a harsh and less enjoyable experience.

In fact, some cigar aficionados would say that you should not relight a cigar if there is less than one-third of it left. Instead, savour the cigar until it naturally reaches its ending, allowing you to fully appreciate the flavours and craftsmanship.

Can You Save a Half-Smoked Cigar for Later?

While cigars are most enjoyable when smoked in one session, it’s feasible to store a partially smoked cigar for later consumption through careful extinguishing. 

First, allow the cigar to naturally go out, then trim about half an inch behind the ash line. Refrain from returning the cigar to the humidor, as its flavour might affect other cigars. Instead, place it in a sealed plastic bag and aim to complete the cigar within 24 hours. In fact, waiting beyond 48 hours could result in a less satisfying, stale flavour.

How long is too long to relight a cigar?

Relighting a cigar ideally should be done within 1 to 2 hours of extinguishing it. Beyond this time frame, the cigar might have absorbed excess moisture or lost some of its flavour. While some cigars can be relit after a longer period, the taste and overall experience may not be as enjoyable. 

Additionally, the longer a cigar sits extinguished, the higher the chances of the tobacco becoming stale or unevenly burned. Knowing this, it’s recommended to enjoy a cigar fully within a reasonable timeframe to savour its intended flavours and characteristics.

Mastering the art of relighting a cigar ensures a continuous and enjoyable smoke. By following our simple steps, you can rekindle the flavours and aromas while maintaining a smooth burn. Remember, a patient approach and attention to detail lead to a truly satisfying experience, even when relighting.