The Best Cigar Accessories You Need in 2024 – Cigar Kits & Gifts

Elevate a cigar-enthusiasts ritual with the latest and greatest cigar gift sets and accessories that not only serve a functional purpose but also exude style and innovation. From state-of-the-art humidors preserving the essence of your cigars to precision cigar cutters and stylish lighters, the best cigar accessories of 2024 promise a fusion of technology and tradition. Take a look below at the must-have accessories that will redefine their cigar indulgence and make every smoke an exceptional moment in time.

1. Gift sets offered at Cigar Club

Ideal for any cigar-lover who already has all the best smoking accessories, our gift sets open any enthusiast’s eyes to a host of new flavours. In fact, these meticulously crafted sets include a selection of handpicked, high-quality cigars from renowned brands, guaranteeing a diverse and enjoyable smoking experience. 

Paired with elegant accessories like cigar cutters, lighters, and even informational booklets, these gift sets cater to both seasoned connoisseurs and beginners, providing a comprehensive introduction to the art of cigar enjoyment. 

So whether you’re after a small but thoughtful gift or have a much larger budget, Cigar Club’s gift sets are a sophisticated and thoughtful choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

2. Limited Edition Cigars

Limited Edition Cigars, like the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare 10-Year Anniversary Box Set, are extraordinary, highly sought-after releases that captivate cigar enthusiasts. Crafted with rare and aged tobaccos, these exclusive blends showcase the pinnacle of a master blender’s artistry. And with just 500 available worldwide, these 25 meticulously crafted cigars stand as a high-ticket, luxurious gift for any cigar-lover. 

In creating this exclusive box set, Alan Rubin, the founder of the brand, delved into his inventory archives. He handpicked a range of well-aged cigars from the Fine & Rare collection, with some dating back to 2014, showcasing his commitment to offering a truly exceptional and vintage smoking experience.

3. Humidor 

For beginners in the world of cigars, investing in a humidor is a must. Maintaining cigars at an ideal temperature of 21°C with around 70% humidity is vital to preserving their flavour and potency. In fact, a humidor precisely regulates these conditions, mirroring the climate of Cuba, allowing cigars to age gracefully and develop rich flavours over time. 

As an exquisite gift, Cigar Club’s Cohiba Year of the Tiger 88 Shorts, comes in a specially crafted humidor containing 88 premium cigars. This high-ticket item not only provides a luxurious storage solution but also offers a unique and limited edition collection of cigars, making it an ideal gift for enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry of cigar smoking. 

4. Cigarette Cutter 

A cigar cutter is another essential tool for aficionados, designed to precisely and cleanly clip the cap off cigars, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. 

The ST Dupont Minijet Lighter & Cigar Cutter Set in Brushed Copper embodies both functionality and elegance. This set combines a high-quality cigar cutter with a sleek, sophisticated lighter, offering a complete package for cigar enthusiasts.  

The precision of the cutter paired with the stylish lighter makes this set a perfect, practical, and luxurious gift choice.

5. Long-Filler Cigars 

Long-filler cigars, like the La Invicta Petit Corona, boast a premium construction with whole tobacco leaves, offering a rich and nuanced smoking experience. Ideal as a smaller gift option, the La Invicta Petit Corona Gift Box presents an exquisite selection of these meticulously crafted cigars. 

Perfectly balanced and expertly rolled, these cigars offer a journey of flavours, showcasing the artistry of long-filler blends. Thanks to their manageable size, they are also a great gift for anyone new to the world of premium cigars. 

The elegant packaging also adds to the allure, making the La Invicta Petit Corona Gift Box a thoughtful and tasteful gesture for any cigar enthusiast.


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