What are the best types of cigar lighters?

Choosing your cigar lighter is almost as important as choosing your cigar. For a high-quality smoking experience, you’ll need a reliable lighter that’ll spark when required and burn the cigar evenly. But with so many different types of lighters on offer, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. 

Here at Cigar Club, we’ve put together a list of the best cigar lighters so you can find your perfect match. 

What should you look for when purchasing a cigar lighter? 

Each cigar lighter comes with its own features and benefits, so it’s worth considering which of these features are important to you. For example, if you’re looking for something that’ll toast a cigar quickly, a triple or double-flame lighter might be best. 

Or, if you’re looking for a portable and compact lighter, perhaps a single-jet flame with a single-action ignition would be more preferable.

It’s also worth considering where you like to smoke your cigars. If you’re someone who enjoys a peaceful smoke outside, you’ll need a reliable jet lighter with enough power to withstand some wind. On the other hand, those who enjoy a smoke whilst sitting at a table or desk indoors, could opt for a table lighter instead. 

Xikar Executive jet cigar lighters

Xikar Executive jet lighters combine sophistication with functionality for a premium smoking experience. After a refresh of the classic design, this cigar lighter features a trigger along the body of the lighter to prevent any accidental burns. In addition, these lighters contain an oversized adjustment wheel, providing a quick flame adjustment when required. Plus, with their sleek design these can easily slip into a pocket or bag for easy transportation. 

Jet lighters have always been a popular choice, as they produce a flame that’s both hot and powerful, helping to burn the cigar much quicker. Since they produce a flame with power, these cigar lighters can also be used outdoors. Just be sure not to hold this type of lighter too close to the cigar to avoid it charring. 

Colibri Enterprise triple-jet cigar lighters 

The Colibri Enterprise triple-jet lighter offers a powerful flame with its triple-jet design. Having this number of jets increases the surface area and intensity of the heat, perfect for the more premium cigars. The larger the foot of a cigar, the more flame will be needed to toast it evenly and quickly. 

But this lighter isn’t just powerful, it’s also quick and easy to use, featuring a single-action ignition. And, if you’re taking this lighter out and about, its wind-resistant design will prove an important feature.  

Yet the convenient features don’t stop there. This lighter also has a stainless steel 7mm cigar punch in its base, which removes the centre of the cap on the cigar. Plus, there’s also a useful fuel window, so you’ll always know exactly how much fuel you have left.

ST Dupont Maxijet cigar lighters 

ST Dupont lighters are aimed at providing a luxury experience. They’re classy, sophisticated but still highly practical. The ST Dupont Maxijet lighter in particular is the perfect mix of elegance and innovation. 

With its intense jet flame, this lighter can maintain a consistent flame and aroma. Even in poor outdoor conditions, this design can still offer efficient ignition. And if you’re a regular smoker, the Maxijet lighter is portable too. With its ergonomic, slender and lightweight design, it’s comfortable in your pocket and in your hand. 

In addition, you won’t have to worry about accidentally running out of fuel. This is another lighter which features a window to show how much gas is left, helping you remember to top up when needed. 

Is it worth investing in a good quality lighter? 

It can be tempting to purchase a cheap cigar lighter rather than investing in something a little more expensive, but this isn’t always the best idea. Cheaper lighters often use poor-quality butane which can lead to bad tastes that impact your smoking experience. 

It’s also important to make sure your lighter is safe. If the design isn’t functional, you could end up accidentally burning your fingertips or breaking the lighter! Cigar lighters are worth the price you pay for them, more expensive models will offer a more effective design for a better cigar-smoking experience.