What is a Cuban Cigar & What are the Different Types?

Cuban cigars are world renowned as the very best cigars that money can buy. They are made from premium quality materials and exemplary care and attention goes into the making of each and every one.


Why should I choose Cuban cigars?

Genuine Havana cigars are made following a ritual that has not altered over the last hundred years. In order to ensure that each and every Cuban cigar is of the highest standard and the country retains their reputation as the producer of the best cigars, the Cuban cigar industry falls under strict Government regulation.

Before they leave the factory, every cigar is checked to see if it is well made, properly rolled and free from any flaws. It has been estimated that it takes over 100 steps to produce a single Cuban cigar, hence their high price point. It is the care and detail that goes into making each one that sets them apart from other types of cigar.

Cuban cigars are made using solely Cuban tobacco, resulting in a strong, authentic smoke. Other cigars are made from a blend of different types of tobacco, which many smokers do prefer, but the result is a less ‘pure’ smoke.

A Cuban cigar should be enjoyed and smoked leisurely – the process should be an experience. The rich taste and distinct aroma of the tobacco demonstrate the unique mix of sun, sea and soil that makes smoking a Havana cigar one of life’s great indulgences.

What are the top 5 types of Cuban cigar?

There are many brands of Cuban cigar to choose from, all with their own unique nuances and flavours.  Some of the most well-known brands include:

Montecristo – arguably the most famous Cuban cigar brand in the world, Montecristo cigars are made with leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region. Established in 1935, the best-selling brand now produce many different sizes of cigar to suit modern day preferences.

Cohiba – favoured by Fidel Castro, Cohiba Cuban cigars are amongst the most famous in the world. Originally gifted by Castro to favoured diplomats, these cigars were not available to the general public until the 1980s. Production is tightly controlled and only 5% of Cuban cigars bear the Cohiba marque.

Hoyo De Monterrey – a subtly flavoured, aromatic cigar, popular with those who like a less strong taste. The double corona is perceived as one of the great Cuban cigars, yet this size is now not as popular as in days gone by. The Epicure No 2 is a fine example of the mellow flavours of this brand.

Partagas – one of the oldest and most prestigious Cuban brands, reknowned for their rich, mellow, earthy flavour and made using tobacco specially selected for their rich, unique aromas.

Romeo y Julieta – with an illustrious history stretching back to 1875, Romeo y Julieta has named its most popular cigar, the Churchill, which comes in a number of different sizes, after their most famous customer.

Why not try a few Cuban cigar brands and see which you prefer?

How do I know my Cuban cigars are genuine?

Always buy Havana cigars from a reputable cigar merchant. All cigars sold in the UK are imported through Hunters & Frankau Ltd., a company which has been importing Havana cigars into the country for over 250 years.

Every box of Cuban cigars sold in the UK bears an EMS stamp. Standing for ‘English Market Selection’, this is a guarantee of provenance and quality.