Cigar Cases

Spanish cedar lined cases

The cases as the name suggests, have an inner which is made of Spanish cedar or uses a cedar veneer. These are usually stronger cases, and can withstand impact without damaging the cigars. These cases have two parts. Top and bottom. Depending upon the construction, one of the part slides to the other. The degree of sliding can be further adjusted based to fit the length of the cigar.

Telescopic cigar cases
These cases have fingered grooves to fit the cigars. These are usually sliding cases, as the top can be adjusted to the bottom in a telescoping fashion. For most part these cases do not have a cedarlining at the inside and are relatively soft in their construction. The shell of the cigar case is usually leather, which is creased against a die which matches the ring gauges of the cigar to create the shape of the creased cigar case. The forms include pure steel, silver based case.

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