Credo Tube Humidifier, up to 15 cigars

Credo Tube Humidifier, up to 15 cigars

Credo Tube Humidifier, up to 15 cigars

THE TUBE is the perfect humidifier for a pocket humidor, cigar cases and travel humidors containing up to 15 cigars.
It may stay in a direct contact with your cigars.
All CREDO humidifiers are delivered ready for use and need only to have distilled water added. The periodic addition of distilled water is enough to enable it to stabilize the Relative Humidity. Under normal conditions of use, your CREDO should be refilled with distilled water approximately every month. A hygrometer will allow you to estimate if a refill is necessary or not. This is required when any deviation below 68% occurs.

Refill: It is necessary to refill your CREDO as soon as your hygrometer indicates a relative humidity below 68%, about once a month. Refill with distilled water exclusively. Apply drops of distilled water through the slots on your CREDO and allow the liquid to penetrate into the foam. Repeat the operation until it becomes saturated and the liquid begins to drip out the underside. Carefully dry off any excess water and replace it in your humidor.

18 mm X 150 mm


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