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Over 50 years trading experience

Montecristo A Cigar Single Gift Box – 1 Single Cigar in a Varnished Slide Lid Box

Montecristo A Cigar Single Gift Box - 1 Single Cigar in a Varnished Slide Lid Box

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Length: 9 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 47
Strength: Medium – Full
Packaging: 1 Single in Varnished Slide Lid Box (Coffin)

For a limited time only, the Montecristo A is available as a single in a varnished slide lid box. A tiny amount of these iconic cigars have arrived from Cuba. Once sold it is unlikely we will see them again.

Montecristo is without a doubt the most famous, bestselling brand of Cuban cigars in the world. First rolled in 1935, the famous Alexander Dumas Novel was regularly read to the Torcedores (Cigar Rollers) who made the cigar. The brand itself was started by Pepe Garcia and Alonzo Menendez, two legends of the cigar world who through a combination of high standards and innovative marketing drove the Montecristo brand to the top of the pile. It has long been regarded as the benchmark by which all other brands are measured.

The unique Crossed swords logo was developed in the UK by the then importer John Hunter Morris & Elkan Company Ltd. Under the revised guise of Hunters & Frankau ltd, this company still imports Montecristo into the UK to this day. All boxes are marked with the distinctive EMS (English Market Selection) mark of quality. Its mellow balanced flavours are created by perfectly blending leaves from the legendary Vuelta Abajo region. To this day the Montecristo No 4 (Petit Corona) is the world’s bestselling Cuban cigar. A medium to full flavoured cigar, it is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion.
The brand’s initial five classic sizes have been augmented over recent years by larger gauged cigars (Edmundos) that best express the subtle nuances of flavour.

When you buy a cigar from The Cigar Club you are buying into over 50 years of trading experience. Everything we despatch is checked for quality. All our Havana cigar bear the EMS (English Market Selection) Stamp of excellence. This guarantees both provenance and quality.

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