A guide on buying Cuban Cigars in the UK

Cuban cigars, renowned for their unparalleled quality, are among the most coveted cigars globally. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they remain a symbol of luxury and sophistication. But with this exclusivity comes regulations. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of purchasing Cuban cigars in the UK, making for an enjoyable smoking experience each and every time. 

Are Cuban Cigars Illegal in the UK?

Cuban cigars are not prohibited in the UK. In fact, they can be legally purchased from many authorised tobacco retailers and speciality establishments. However, its buyers must adhere to the legal age requirement of 18 years or older for purchasing tobacco products, including Cuban cigars, under UK legislation.  Individuals travelling to the UK can bring in Cuban cigars for personal consumption, subject to specific limits and potential duties if exceeding personal allowances. It’s essential to comply with these regulations to ensure the lawful possession and consumption of Cuban cigars.

Can you Buy Cuban Cigars in the UK?

Cuban cigars are highly sought-after by cigar enthusiasts worldwide, due to their exceptional quality and rich flavour profiles. Unlike in the US, you can find a wide selection of Cuban cigars from various places, both online and in-store in the UK. Speciality tobacco shops and cigar lounges usually stock a range of Cuban cigar brands, including iconic names like Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagás, and Romeo y Julieta. And some high-end retailers may also carry Cuban cigars for exclusive customers.  Many reputable online retailers, like Cigar Club, also sell Cuban cigars for those who prefer to purchase from the comfort of their own homes.

Can you Bring Cuban Cigars into the UK?

According to the UK government website, if you’re travelling to Great Britain (England, Wales or Scotland) from outside the UK, you can bring in 50 Cuban cigars within your personal allowance limits without paying any duties, provided they are for personal consumption and not intended for resale. This is known as your personal allowance. That said, when you’re bringing in goods you must transport them yourself and use them yourself or give them away as a gift. If you exceed this, you will be subject to taxation. Failure to follow these regulations could lead to fines or confiscation of the cigars upon entry into the UK.

What is the Legal Smoking Age For Cuban Cigars in the UK?

The UK has strict laws around the purchase and consumption of tobacco products. If you are under 18 years old, it is illegal to buy and consume tobacco products, including cigars, cigarettes, and other smoking items. This is to protect young people from the harmful effects of tobacco.  It is also against the law to sell these products to individuals under 18. Retailers must verify the age of customers who appear to be under 25 to comply with regulations. This is to make sure that young people are not able to get hold of these products illegally.  If you’re looking for a reputable shop to buy premium Cuban cigars, head to Cigar Club and explore our exclusive range of authentic cigars.