What are the best cigars for special occasions?

Cigars have a long held tradition of marking extraordinary occasions. From the newly married to the newly born, family reunions or sheer good fortune, sharing a cigar for an hour to two gives a moment to pause, reflect and appreciate with those you love.

So which cigar should you choose to do these landmark events justice? Although some may be a little expensive, the price is no object compared to the value of great memories and there are thousands of variations of cigars available. But for the most important celebrations, only the best will suffice.

Our Top 4 Celebratory Cigars for any Special Occasion



For celebratory cigars, there’s no better way to begin the list than with the limited edition Belgravia. In celebration of the 225th anniversary of Hunters & Frankau, Britain’s only Havana Cigar importers, 5000 individually numbered boxes were produced.

Its 55-ring gauge caters to the growing number of smokers that prefer wider breadths, whilst the length is exactly the same as the Romeo & Julieta Wide Churchill, one of Bolivar’s most popular cigars. Given its exclusivity and well-loved form, the cigar really sets the bar for special occasion smokes.



For those seeking a more obscure option, the Sancho Panza Sanchos is a wise choice. Each cigar is carefully handmade and, when lit, reveals a remarkably delicate transition of flavours, from floral infusions and woody tones to more peppery accents.

The brand is lesser known amongst its contemporaries, yet boasts a rare and rich history. To skim the surface, the cigar company dates back to 1852 and is named after a character in Miguel de Cervantes’ famous 1605 novel, Don Quixote. If you’re in need of an icebreaker for a reunion with old friends then this is the cigar for you, it’s a great story to share over an even greater cigar.


If you happen to be sharing your cigar with smoking novices the H.Upmann Magnum 56 could be a great choice . It’s light to medium-bodied so makes for a pleasantly mild introduction to the pleasures of smoking. The dark wrappers are aged and exclusively selected for the Limited Edition cigars.

The H. Upmann features a 55-ring gauge, the second largest gauge ever employed by Magnum on a limited edition cigar. It’s tobacco leaves are grown in Vuelta Abajo zone, a place that many consider as the best land for cultivating tobacco in the world. This particular cigar has been aged for a minimum of two years. All these special flourishes make this cigar an excellent choice for any special occasion.


The Padron Maduro is known worldwide for its distinct, premium quality. Originally developed to celebrate Padron’s 50th anniversary, each slender cigar is individually numbered to ensure authenticity. A word of warning, the Maduro is less for the rookies and more for the aficionados who can appreciate the rich flavours and complex notes of dark roast coffee, chocolate and spice. The Nicaraguan tobacco leaves were sun grown and have been aged for four years. This, along with its superior flavour, could explain why many consider the Padron Maduro the ultimate smoking experience.