How Do Cigar Humidors Work?

Have you recently discovered cigars? Perhaps you’ve come across the phrase ‘humidor’ and are keen to learn more? Maybe you already know a humidor is used to store cigars but are keen to find out more information? If so, read on.

A humidor can make an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one, and the more you know about humidors, the easier choosing the most suitable product from the many choices available to you is. Let’s explore the world of cigar humidors right now.

Cigar humidor with cigars


What is a cigar humidor and what does it do?

A humidor stores your cigars and is used to maintain the ambient temperature and humidity to maintain the great quality of your cigars. This means you can expect the humidor to control the temperature and relative humidity perfectly, enabling your cigars to be preserved in the ideal amount of humidity, not becoming dried out or too wet, which would have a highly negative impact on taste. The perfect balance of temperature and humidity means you can expect your cigars to taste fantastic. The Spanish cedar that makes up the box and the humidifier in it work together to deliver excellent results.

The Spanish Cedar

The vast majority of humidors have a lining of Spanish cedar. The wood is noted for its ability to both absorb and release moisture slowly to create an even humidity. Many cigar trays are made of this wood. Make sure you moisten the cedar before your cigars are stored in the humidor. If you fail to do this, the cedar will draw moisture from the cigars themselves, undermining the role of the humidor.

The Humidifier

The humidifier ensures the moisture and humidity remain on point. After you’ve seasoned the humidor and filled it with cigars, the humidifier will continue to provide the moisture for the box’s interior, so cigars will remain at the right humidity. Furthermore, the cedar will absorb excess moisture whilst releasing it back if the humidifier does run a little low.

There are many different types of humidifier to choose from. These include gel-based humidifiers, complex pouches and foam-based blocks. Don’t forget to read and follow the instructions and ensure they are recharged effectively, at the right time, with distilled water and other moisturising agents. Humidifiers don’t last forever, so be sure to invest in a replacement when you need to.

Use A Hygrometer To Monitor Humidity

The hygrometer also has an important role to play. The hygrometer measures relative humidity, enabling you to identify when the humidifier needs to be recharged and when humidity needs to be adjusted. Aim for a relative humidity of 70% and temperature of 70 °F.

Digital and analogue hygrometers are available and will help you note any shifts in humidity or temperature so your cigars aren’t rendered unsmokeable. Check your hygrometer at least once every week to ensure humidity remains at the required level, and calibrate it regularly to make sure readings are as accurate and reliable as they possibly can be. By following these tips, you can avoid wasting your cigars and derive vast enjoyment from them.