Sometimes the best way to try a new flavour is to sample different blends and sizes from that region. Two cigars with the identical blend of tobacco will smoke completely differently dependent on their relative length and ring gauge(girth).

Nicaragua has long been renowned for its range of full flavoured yet mellow cigars. A small pack or sample selection of cigars is the ideal way to try out different blends and sizes. This will then lead you, hopefully to a preferred size and type. Be they Joya de Nicaragua, Cuatro Cinco or Drew Estate cigars, you will not be disappointed.

A Nicaraguan Sample pack is also ideal for parties or a group of friends. (I always keep the Robusto for myself but that’s a personal preference!). They also make the perfect gift for any cigar lover, be they new to cigars or a long-time aficionado.

At The Cigar Club, we are always happy to offer help and advice should you be unsure of your selection. Whatever you choose we hope you enjoy your Nicaraguan selection.

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