La Aurora ADN Cameroon Robustos

Box of 20

La Aurora ADN Cameroon Robustos

Approx. Length: 5″ (127mm)
Ring Gauge: 50

The La Aurora ADN Cameroon Robustos features a tobacco leaf known as Andullo that uses an ageing process that is unique to the Dominican Republic.
The majority of  tobacco leaves are aged  hanging from rafters, and then placed in large piles known as pilones. However, with the La Aurora ADN, Andullo leaves are harvested and placed in long palm seed pods known as Yaguas and rotated throughout the ageing process. The ADN Dominicano truly has the Dominican Republic in its DNA.
A veiny Dominican wrapper makes a first impression, the wrapper hides a Cameroonian binder and a filler made of a blend of Andullo, Nicaraguan, Dominican Cibao, and Pennsylvania tobaccos. The result is a medium to full bodied smoke with notes of Cinnamon, spice, cherry, toast, fruit and black pepper.
From the blend to the ageing process to the Dominican flag on the ring, this is truly a loving and enjoyable tribute to the Dominican Republic.


Built by Indigo Tree

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