How to store and maintain the best humidity for your Cuban cigars

When it comes to indulging in the world of cigars, few experiences rival the luxury and prestige of enjoying a fine Cuban cigar. Renowned for their rich flavours, intricate blends, and exquisite craftsmanship, Cuban cigars are a symbol of sophistication and taste. However, to fully appreciate their complexity and maintain their quality, it’s essential to store and maintain them at the right humidity levels. In this guide, we explain why humidity for Cuban cigars is important, ensuring every aficionado can appreciate their prized cigars to the fullest.

Why is humidity important? 

Cuban cigars are composed of organic materials, and as such, fluctuations in humidity can cause cigars to dry out or become overly moist. This can lead to degradation of the quality of the cigars through uneven burning, loss of flavour and potential mould growth. Therefore, maintaining the ideal humidity level is essential for preserving the integrity of your Cuban cigars and ensuring a satisfying smoking experience. Explore our guide on how to use a humidor which delves into the intricacies of this further. 

Finding the perfect balance 

Cuban cigars must be kept at the right temperature, neither too dry nor too moist. The generally accepted range for cigar storage lies between 65% and 72% relative humidity (RH). Within this range, cigars remain supple enough to burn evenly while preserving their flavours and natural aromas. There is much discussion over whether there is a 70% sweet spot, as claimed by many cigar enthusiasts. In practice, everyone will have their own individual preference.

Controlling the humidity level 

Maintaining the desired humidity level for your Cuban cigar requires careful monitoring and the appropriate tools. Find the most popular methods for this below:


The cornerstone of cigar storage, the humidor will provide a controlled environment for your Cuban cigar, allowing your humidity levels to be regulated.  They come in various sizes, with cigars being able to be stored safely and securely, with travel humidors keeping your cigars protected whilst travelling.


Hygrometers are an essential tool for monitoring optimal humidity levels for your Cuban cigars. Digital hygrometers are a great accessory to provide accurate readings and precise humidity control. Regularly checking and calibrating your hygrometer ensures your cigars will be kept at the right temperature. 

Humidification Devices

Humidification devices, such as humidification solutions, beads and gel jars help regular humidity levels within the humidor. They work by preventing the Cuban cigars from drying out or becoming too moist. For example, the de-ionised humidification solution contains antibacterial additives, helping to regulate the humidity levels of the cigars.


Hopefully, you now know the best way to regulate the humidity levels of your Cuban cigars. With a range of products and tools at your disposal, you will be well-equipped to ensure they stay at the right temperature. We are the experts on cigars so don’t forget to browse our quality collection of Cuban cigars and cigar accessories.